What is 3D resin Printing?

  1. Firstly you need a 3d model of the object you want  to print.
  2. You need to slice your model in thin layers, that can be printed layer after layer to compose your final model.
  3. the printer will create a mask from each layer on his LCD screen and flash the resin with UV light source through the mask to strenghten it.
  4. Washing model in alcool and cure it with UV light to make it ABS strenght like.
  5. Paint, polish, varnish or whatever finish you want.

Elegoo Mars LCD resin printer :

3D printing in ABS like resin with the wonderfull Elegoo Mars printer.
I can print figures, models, RC plane or car pilots, design parts, jewellery…

You are interrested in printing something in resin?

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